301 E. Main St. P.O. Box 426 Fairfield WA 99012 us

Southeast Spokane County Historical Society & Museum

Books, newspapers,  magazines, photographs, articles, history books, regional interest stories, class pictures, handwritten accounts, obituaries, party invitations, school yearbooks and sports memorabilia.... the list goes on and on!



On display can be found numerous items of apparel including Victorian dresses and shoes, women's accessories over the past century, and an entire hat collection!

We have an extensive collection of farm tools, photographs, and equipment.

We are dedicated to preserving the memory of this area, it's pioneers and their families, the unique culture of the Palouse area, and the rich history of this region. 

Our collection includes artifacts from several area families and businesses, written histories, photographs, yearbooks from area schools, back copies of newspapers and magazines, obituaries, books related to the area, and many, many treasures! Our goal is to maintain these treasures for future generations, helping them understand and relate to those who went before us. 

We have an assortment of artifacts from area businesses, including signs, calendars, merchandise, and machinery.



We have a unique collection of musical items including pump organs, sheet music, instruments, player pianos, music boxes and juke boxes.