301 E. Main St. P.O. Box 426 Fairfield WA 99012 us

"N.C. Snodgrass inoculating his peas during the spring of 1916."

Fairfield Train Station

(was located west of the tracks between Main Street and Ticknor Street)

Fairfield Elementary School, 1913

South side of Main Street between Railroad Avenue & Johnson 

(L-R: Collins Machinery, Dixon & Hanshew Merchandise, Barbershop, Bakery, Post Office and Motel)

Fairfield: Corner of Main Street & Railroad Avenue, looking East

Fairfield Fourth of July Parade on Main Street, 1909

Fairfield Fourth of July Parade on Main Street, 1909

Fairfield High School, 1931

Fairfield Baseball Game at Fairfield School, 1918

Fairfield, Washington

Fairfield High School Class of 1919

Original Fairfield High School

Early 1900's Mission Style building, housed a bank on one end and a post office on the other, designed by Kirtland Cutter

Fairfield Dodge Auto Dealer

Fairfield Main Street, 1800's

Fairfield Flag Day Celebration - 1910

"J. P. Hill in field of oats on farm of Col. Morrison, Fairfield. Mr. Hill estimated these oats would make 75 to 90 bushels per acre. These oats are grown on the ground that produced 63 bushels of peas per acre the  previous season. Photo taken August 14, 1914."

"W.C. Adams, Fairfield, in his field of 80 acres of Alaska peas. A neighbor of Mr. Adams' secured 53 bushels per acre of Alaska peaks in 1918. July 11, 1914. Mr. Adams did not cultivate and received a very poor yield of seed."

The "pea sorters" who worked at the pea cannery in Fairfield - 1930's

Fairfield Telegraph Office

Fairfield - Old SR 27 being built through town

Fairfield - First Flag Day Celebration - 1910

Fairfield in the 1890's

Fairfield Band - 1890