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Other Photographs Available:

  • Panoramic Views 3' x 9" of a Fairfield Farm Harvesting Scene and the Town of Fairfield in the early 1900's

​                                         ($15 each not including shipping)

Large Framed Prints $25

Small Framed Prints $15

​Postcards $2

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(Note that the photos shown here are for display only and not the quality you will receive; they also may be slightly cut off on the edges)

Framed Photographs and Postcards Available

Fairfield Flag Day Baseball Game at Fairfield School, 1918

Fairfield Train Station

(was located west of the tracks between Main Street and Ticknor Street)

Fairfield: Corner of Main Street & Railroad Avenue, looking East

Fairfield: South side of Main Street between Railroad Avenue & Johnson Street

(L-R: Collins Machinery, Dixon & Hanshew Merchandise, Barbershop, Bakery, Post Office and Motel)

Fairfield Fourth of July Parade on Main Street, 1909 (traveling North on Main between Railroad Avenue & Johnson Street)

Fairfield Elementary School Building, 1913

Fairfield Fourth of July Parade on Main Street, 1909

Fairfield High School 1931

Name on the Schoolhouse

by Kenneth L. Calkins

Lists the stories behind the names of 1,000 Washington State schools.

​Price: $10 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

Other Books Available:

  • Local Pioneer School Histories:
    • Rockford, Mica, Freeman & Valleyford
    • Fairfield, Mt. Hope, Latah & Waverly
    • Harp and Bell
    • Spangle and Plaza

                   (All histories are oversize soft cover, $30 each

​                   Plus Shipping: Medium Flat Rate Box $12.65)

  • Local Town Home Inventories from the 1980's for Latah and Fairfield (soft cover, $10 each)

​          Plus Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10


Fairfield Brochures

Brief summaries of the history

of Fairfield, Washington.

​Price: $8 (large) or $5 (small)

Shipping: Small Flat Rate Envelope $5.75

Rock Creek Valley

Includes the history of the roads, railroads, schools, government, farm machinery and tools used in the area near Fairfield, Washington in the early 1900's.

​Price: $7 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

Flag Day

Commemorating the Centennial Fairfield Flag Day celebration with pictures and stories from early Fairfield settlers. 

​Price: $10 (soft cover)

Shipping: Flat Rate Padded

                    Envelope $6.10

Latah, Washington History

by Glenn Leitz

The story of a small town, it's culture, pioneers, and early history. Packed with historic photographs and historic tidbits!

​Price: $10 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

Early History of Fairfield, Washington 

Stories surrounding this small Palouse community including mining, agriculture, railroads, churches, schools, pioneers and Native Americans.

​Price: $35 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

Farmington Remembered: History of a Small Palouse Town

by Marshall Belshaw Shore

An interesting and engaging account of a small town's history and it's connection to many famous and colorful early Inland Northwest characters. Includes a history of the geological formation of the Palouse, pioneer stories, family histories and so much more. 

​Price: $35 (hard cover)

​Shipping: Medium Flat Rate Box $12.65

Cook Book: Favorite Recipes From Our Best Cooks

Compiled by the women of the Southeast Spokane County Historical Society in 1968.

​Price: $5 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

Long Ago in the Northern Palouse: An Anthology of Pioneer People, Places, and Events

by Glenn Leitz

A sweeping story of the Palouse geology and landmarks, tribal peoples, wagon train settlers, vigilante justice, pioneer stories, and old newspaper articles and including over 50 historic maps, pictures, and sketches.

​Price: $16 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

Once Upon a Green Meadow: An American Family's Struggles Between the Wars

by Ernestine McMillan Hilton

A poignant memoir of one woman's memories growing up on an eastern Washington farm between two world wars. It recreates the charm and hardship of rural life and reveals how one family's love sustained them through hard times.

​Price: $20 (soft cover) or  $25 (hard cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

Hanford's Secret Clouds of Despair

by Claudia Hagen

A story of epic, historic proportions, full of secrets, intrigue, hot and cold wars, aliens, spies, mayhem, heartache, and loss. 

​Price: $20 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

The Diaries of Betty Cora Johnson: 1885-1989

The stories of Betty Cora Johnson and Lewis Hamilton Titchenal, early pioneers in Washington Territory.

​Price: $20 (soft cover)

​Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10

The Night a Fortress Fell

by Claudia Hagen

On February 3, 1943, while on a routine flight, a B-17 Flying Fortress encountered an unexpected blizzard just outside Spokane, Washington. The bomber crashed in a small wheat farming town on the Palouse, leaving an enduring mark on many lives. 

​Price: $15 (soft cover)

Shipping: Flat Rate Padded Envelope $6.10